Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

Basic Operations
Basic Operations
Basic Operations
Nintendo 3DS XL Components
Nintendo 3DS XL Components
Nintendo 3DS XL Components
Notication LED
Indicates the status of the system.
(blue) You have received SpotPass data; blinks for about ve seconds
(see page 44).
(green) You have received StreetPass data; blinks for about ve seconds
(see page 44).
(orange) A friend has come online; blinks for about ve seconds
(see page 39).
(red) Battery power is low; blinks continuously when very low
(see page 16).
Used by games and applications that include
microphone features.
Wireless LED ( )
Lights when wireless communication is
turned on, turns o when communication
is turned o, and blinks while data is being sent or received or
when the system is in Sleep Mode (dimly).
Wireless switch (WIRELESS)
Push this switch to turn wireless com-
munication on or o.
NOTE: For Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi software, you must
enable wireless communication before starting the game.
However, once enabled, you can turn communications o by
pushing the wireless switch.
Power LED ( )
Lights when the power is turned on
(see page 21).
Power Button (POWER)
See page 18.
3D Depth Slider
Adjusts the depth of the
3D image from zero to
maximum (see page 22).
3D Screen (Upper screen)
Capable of displaying 3D content for games that
include this feature (see page 22).
Touch Screen (Lower screen)
Touch-sensitive screen. This screen should only be oper-
ated with a Nintendo licensed stylus (see page 15).
When opening or closing the
Nintendo 3DS XL system, keep your ngers away from
the hinge to avoid pinching them.
Control buttons
For game-play control. See
the instructions for the game
you are playing for specic
control information.
Inner camera
Used by games or other applications that
include camera features.
NOTE: Avoid getting the camera lens
dirty. If it becomes dirty, wipe gently
with a soft cloth, being careful not to
damage the lens.
Left speaker
Right speaker
Circle Pad
For game-play control that supports
this feature. See the instructions for
the game you are playing for specic
control information.
Volume control
Slide to adjust the volume.
NOTE: The camera shutter sound always plays
at a xed volume and is not aected by the
volume control.
Displays the HOME Menu during a game.
Control Pad
For game-play control.
Recharge LED
Lights when the battery is being charged
(see page 16).
Audio jack
For connection of stereo headphones (sold separately). If
headphones are connected, no sound will play through
the speakers. (This system is not compatible with the
Nintendo DS Headset.)
When using headphones, set the volume
at a safe level. Setting the volume too high may harm your
hearing or damage the headphones.