Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software Friend List
Friend List
Enter the name of the person you want to register. If you are not regis-
tered as the other person's friend, the registration will be temporary.
(When the temporary friend registers you as a friend, the registration
becomes permanent and the other person's ocial name and Mii
are displayed.)
If you are registered as the other
person’s friend, the other person’s data
from the friend card will be received
automatically, and they will be
registered as a friend.
Registering friends
To register a friend locally
Tap Local to connect directly to another Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL user nearby
and register each other as friends.
NOTE: You can register a maximum of 100 friends in the friend list.
From among the displayed friend cards, tap the card of a person you want to register
as a friend.
NOTE: If you both tap each others’ cards, you will begin exchanging your friend cards.
When the exchange nishes, you are registered as friends.
To register a friend over the Internet
Tap Internet to connect to another Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL user over the
Internet and register each others’ friend codes no matter how far apart you are.
NOTE: You can check your friend code by looking at your own friend card.
Enter the friend code of the person you want to register.
Editing your friend card / Viewing friend cards
Select your friend card from the friend list to edit your details or view friend cards belonging to other people. Your friend card will be
identied by a
Editing your friend card
Choose your friend card to edit your favorite
software, message, or other information.
Choose your favorite software
from among the titles you
have played.
Enter a short greeting of up to
16 characters. This greeting will
be visible to all your friends.
The title of the friend’s favorite software,
or the title of the software they are
currently playing, will be shown.
Viewing friend cards
Choose the friend card you would like to view.
Details will be displayed on the upper screen.
• You can tap
on the lower screen to begin registering a friend.
• If the Mii character of one of your friends is replaced by a dierent Mii with the name “???,” the creator of your friend’s Mii might
have been added to the blocked-user list. For more information, see the built-in manual for Mii Maker available on the HOME
Menu after selecting the Mii Maker icon.
NOTE: Remember that other users will see your greeting when interacting with them, so do not use your real name or
otherwise share any personal information in your greeting.