Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

System Conguration
System Conguration
saved on an
SD Card*
Free re-download from
Nintendo eShop
Originating system Destination system
Other Settings
Other Settings
Precautions when transferring Nintendo DSiWare
Only Nintendo DSiWare software programs will be transferred to your Nintendo 3DS XL system. The DSiWare
save data will not be transferred. When you transfer DSiWare from your Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL system, both
software and save data will be erased from the original system. Do not transfer Nintendo DSiWare unless you are willing to
lose the save data associated with that DSiWare.
DSiWare and save data will be erased Only DSiWare will be transferred
NOTE: DSiWare will be saved in the System Memory of your Nintendo 3DS XL system. It cannot be transferred if there is
insucient space in the System Memory of your system. If necessary, go to Data Management under System Settings and
copy previously saved DSiWare to the SD Card (see page 74), and then delete them from System Memory.
If DSiWare has been deleted or copied to an SD Card...
If you purchased a license for DSiWare and then deleted that DSiWare or copied it to an SD Card, you can still transfer
it even though it is no longer saved on the system. In this case, system transfer does not save the software itself on
the Nintendo 3DS XL system, but it does allow you to re-download the software from Nintendo eShop and play it on
that system.
Only the account activity showing your DSiWare purchase is transferred
* Once transferred, DSiWare can no longer be played on the original Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL system.
If you want to play transferred DSiWare again on that system, you must use Nintendo DSi Points and purchase
the DSiWare licenses again.
• You cannot transfer free DSiWare or DSiWare for which licenses are not sold on the Nintendo eShop. For more informa-
tion on non-transferable DSiWare, please visit
• You cannot transfer Nintendo DSi Points™ or software that came included with your Nintendo DSi or
Nintendo DSi XL system.
• You cannot transfer software if the same software already exists on your Nintendo 3DS XL system.
Transferring between two Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL systems
You can transfer the following data during a single system transfer:
Precautions when using System Transfer
IMPORTANT: All data is erased from the originating system you are transferring from after System Transfer is
complete. Any data on the SD Card that was used on the originating system can only be used on the destina-
tion system.
Data in System Memory is erased Data in System Memory is overwritten
After using System Transfer, data on the SD Card can only be used on the destination system
All the data, other than the DSiWare, stored in the System Memory of the destination system (including
built-in software save data and other data) is overwritten and replaced by the data from the
originating system.
If photos or audio are saved in the System Memory of the destination system, copy them to the SD Card before you use
System Transfer if you want to save them.
Precautions for Downloadable Software
After you perform a system transfer, you will no longer be able to use any downloaded software or associ-
ated save data that is saved on the SD Card of the destination system. (You can re-download this software from
the Nintendo eShop.) However, you can continue to use DSiWare and its associated save data if you copy it and its save
data to the System Memory of the destination system before you perform the transfer.
If the same downloadable software has been purchased on both systems, the “Account Activity” record of the same
software on the destination system will be erased, and the save data will no longer be usable. The software from the
originating system and its save data will be used on the destination system.
Precautions for Nintendo eShop Balance
IMPORTANT: If the combined account balance of the originating and destination systems exceeds the maxi-
mum allowed amount, you will be unable to perform a system transfer. (This amount varies by region.)
The Internet Settings and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ID used by Nintendo DS software are transferred.
Nintendo 3DS Camera photos and Nintendo 3DS Sound audio les that are saved in System Memory
are transferred, along with Mii data from Mii Maker and other save data for built-in software.
DSiWare that is saved in System Memory and its save data.
The rights to use data saved on the SD Card (including add-on content, downloadable software and
associated save data, and other data) are transferred. If you take the SD Card from the original system
and insert it in the system you transferred to, you can use this data.
Your Nintendo eShop balance and account activity is transferred. The account activity and eShop
balance from both systems will be combined.
Nintendo DS settings
Built-in software
save data
Rights to use data
saved on the SD Card
Nintendo eShop