Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software
Register friends
Display friend cards
• Edit your own friend card
• View friend cards of your friends
Friend list settings
• Friend notication settings
• Delete a friend card
Friend List
Game Notes
in the top bar of the HOME Menu to display a list of your notes.
• You can save up to 16 notes on the system. You can also save the notes you've made as
photo data and view them in Nintendo 3DS Camera software.
• Even while playing Nintendo 3DS software, you can suspend the game and make a note.
Press the HOME Button to display the HOME Menu, then tap the Game Notes icon to start
the Game Notes software.
Tap a note on the Game Notes screen and type or draw.
When you are done with the note, tap
The active note is saved and you will return to the Game Notes screen.
Save the note to an SD Card
Allows you to view it in the
Nintendo 3DS Camera software.
Delete an active note
Switch the upper screen
If the game is suspended, the display on the
upper screen can be changed.
Display both screens
Display upper screen
Display lower screen
Game Notes
This software allows you to write and draw notes, even during a Nintendo 3DS software title. You
can suspend a game and make a note while viewing the game screen.
Friend List
Play and communicate with other people registered as your friends via the Internet, no matter how
far away they are.
in the top bar of the HOME Menu to open your friend list.
The rst time you open the friend list, follow the on-screen instructions to create your own
friend card.
From the friend list, you can see if your registered friends are online (whether they are connected
to the Internet). Even while playing Nintendo 3DS software, you can suspend the game and view
your friend list. Just press the HOME Button to display the HOME Menu and start the friend list.
NOTE: The friend list feature is available only when using Nintendo 3DS software titles.
What you will need to do to use the friend list
You can draw with three colors of pen or
use the eraser.
Create your Personal Mii™ To create your own friend card, you will need to create your Personal Mii in Mii
Maker. See page 52.
Congure your Internet settings To know when your friends are online, you must connect to the Internet.
See page 61.
The friend list screen