Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software
Nintendo 3DS Sound
Photos Videos
Tap Edit Video (see below) for more
playback options.
For more detailed information, tap Manual on the HOME Menu.
Nintendo 3DS Sound
Nintendo 3DS Camera
Viewing photos and videos
Tap View Photos/Video to see the photos or videos you’ve taken. A series of smaller thumbnail images will be displayed on the
Touch Screen. The red outline in the thumbnail selection indicates which image or video is displayed on the 3D Screen.
NOTE: You can also view your photos and videos in the form of a slideshow, automatically displaying them in sequence.
Tap a thumbnail image on the lower screen to select the photo or video you want to view.
The Nintendo 3DS Sound application can be started from the HOME Menu. This software allows
you to play music and sounds saved on an SD Card or recorded with the microphone on the
system. You can also play with and alter your music or recorded sounds.
See the built-in instruction manual for information on compatible music les.
Playing with your photos and videos
Drawing on your photos
You can use an assortment of grati tools to create designs
on your photos.
Adjusting video playback
You can adjust the playback speed and audio pitch, reverse
the playback, or capture a still frame from the video.
Listening to music
You can also play with it by adjusting the playback speed and
audio pitch and applying eects such as a “karaoke” eect.
If you turn on StreetPass you can enjoy the Compatibility and Hit Parade
features. Compatibility compares your taste in music with the people you have
interacted with via StreetPass, and Hit Parade lets you view various rankings of
what music is popular in your area.
To start using StreetPass, register a song in your StreetPass favorites and
activate StreetPass.
Recording audio
You can record up to 10 seconds of audio. You can also play
with your recorded audio by adjusting the playback speed
and audio pitch and changing how voices sound.