Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

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The Notication LED
indicates the status of the
system (see page 12).
The Notication LED will light green if
StreetPass data has been exchanged.
A message will appear on your notication list (see page 44
for more information on the Notications application and
receiving messages).
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SpotPass™ StreetPass™
The SpotPass feature allows the Nintendo 3DS XL system to automatically communicate with a nearby
wireless LAN access point, enabling it to connect to the Internet and transmit a variety of data. The
system can also do this while playing a game or in Sleep Mode (power is on, but the system is closed).
NOTE: Data received via SpotPass is saved on the SD Card.
The StreetPass feature allows your system to automatically search for and communicate with other
Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL systems and to exchange information with them as you walk by.
If the system is in Sleep Mode (turned on but closed) or certain other modes, and you pass someone who has enabled
StreetPass for the same software, you will exchange game data with them. (If you don’t want to allow data exchange,
you can disable wireless communication.)
If StreetPass is successful...
StreetPass settings for Nintendo 3DS software are saved on the system. The data you transmit with StreetPass varies
depending on the software using this feature. Each software program has its own StreetPass settings.
• Up to 12 Nintendo 3DS software titles can use StreetPass simultaneously.
• Some Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi software have a similar feature called tag mode. (The name for this mode may
vary depending on the game you are playing.) Tag mode is only active when the system is in Sleep Mode while the
software and tag mode feature are in use. When tag mode is in use, the StreetPass feature will not work for Nintendo
3DS software.
• If you turn the power o or disable wireless communication, the system cannot communicate.
• StreetPass may not be available depending on the play environment or the software you are using. StreetPass does
not work if you are connected to the Internet or are using local communication (see page 27).
To connect to a wireless LAN access point, you will need to congure the Internet settings for your system (see page 61).
• Within the service area of a Nintendo Zone or other wireless services, you can connect to the Internet without conguring
your Internet settings.
• SpotPass may not be available depending on the play environment or the software you are using. SpotPass is also not
available during local communication (see page 27), or when playing Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi software.
• If you turn wireless communication o with the wireless switch, the system will not be able to use communication features.
NOTE: The Notication LED may not light for some types of data.
Keeping your system charged using the Nintendo 3DS XL
charging cradle (sold separately).
When not in use, you can put the Nintendo 3DS XL system in Sleep Mode and
keep it in the charging cradle, so it stays fully charged and can still communicate
using the SpotPass feature. This accessory may be ordered through Nintendo’s
website at (USA/Canada only) or by calling Customer Service
at 1-800-255-3700. (See page 21 for more information on battery endurance.)