Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

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Usage Guidelines
Usage Guidelines
1. Do not remove the battery pack from the system unless it needs to be replaced.
2. Do not use any battery other than the Nintendo 3DS XL rechargeable battery pack, Model No. SPR-003. A replacement bat-
tery may be ordered through Nintendo’s website at (USA/Canada only) or by calling Customer Service
at 1-800-255-3700. See page 84 for more information on replacing the battery.
3. When recharging the battery, use ONLY the included AC adapter, Model No. WAP-002(USA).
4. When disposing of the battery, follow appropriate local guidelines and regulations. For information on battery disposal
contact your local solid waste authority. See page 85 for more information on recycling the battery.
5. If liquid comes into contact with the battery, do not reuse it. Call Nintendo Customer Service at 1-800-255-3700 for further
instructions on battery replacement and possible service for your system.
1. Use the stylus ONLY on the Touch Screen (lower screen).
2. Use only enough pressure to operate the game. Excessive pressure may damage the Touch Screen.
3. Do not use the stylus if it is broken.
4. Use only a Nintendo licensed stylus on the Touch Screen.
5. Retract and replace the stylus in the stylus holder when not in use.
6. If you use a screen protector on your system, use only a Nintendo licensed screen protector.
IMPORTANT: If the Touch Screen becomes dirty or contaminated with foreign material, do not continue to use your
system. It may not work properly and can become more damaged. Follow the cleaning procedures below. If it still
does not work after cleaning, visit for information on repair services.
If the screens on your system have visible smudges, ngerprints, or other foreign material on them, you can clean them by using a
soft clean cloth, such as a lens or eyeglass cleaning cloth.
1. Slightly dampen the cloth with water ONLY and wipe o the screens to loosen any dirt or foreign material.
2. Using a dry cloth, wipe the screens to dry them and nish the cleaning process. If needed, repeat the process.
1. Do not disassemble or try to repair the Nintendo 3DS XL system, components, or accessories. Doing so voids your warranty.
2. Only insert or remove Game Cards while the system is turned o or while the HOME Menu is displayed. Insert the Game Card
completely until it clicks into place, without forcing either the Game Card or the Nintendo 3DS XL system.
3. Do not store the system in a humid place, on the oor, or in any location where it may contact moisture, dirt, dust, lint, or
any other foreign material.
4. Do not drop, hit, or otherwise abuse the system, components, or accessories. Doing so may damage the LCD screens or other
precision components of the system. Do not use damaged components, accessories, Game Cards, or SD Cards with your
5. Make sure all connections to the system are made carefully and inserted into the correct locations only. Hold plugs straight
when inserting them into sockets.
6. When disconnecting any plugs from the system or wall outlet, rst turn the system o. Then carefully pull by the plug itself
rather than by the cord. Do not step on, sharply pull, or bend any wires or cables.
7. Do not expose the system, Game Cards, or any of the components or accessories to extreme heat or cold. The liquid crystal dis-
plays (LCD) may become slower or may not work when the temperature is low. The LCD will deteriorate at a high temperature.
Take care not to expose the system to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
8. The LCD screens may be damaged by sharp objects or pressure. Take care to protect the displays from scratches or stains.
9. Connect ONLY accessories designed and licensed for use with the system to any external connectors.
10. Do not spill liquids on the system, Game Cards, or other components or accessories. If the system comes into contact with
liquids, wipe clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth (use water only). Remove the battery cover and battery. If liquid came
into contact with the battery, do not reuse it. Call Nintendo Customer Service at 1-800-255-3700 for further instructions on
battery replacement and possible service for your system.
11. Do not rapidly turn the power switch ON and OFF, as this may shorten the life of the battery and cause Game Cards to lose
your stored game information.
12. To avoid dirt or dust from getting into the system, always leave a Game Card loaded (with the power o), when not in use.
13. When using an AC adapter, make sure you are using the correct model appropriate for your system. Always unplug the AC
adapter from the wall outlet when not in use.
14. Do not use the AC adapter if the cable or plug is damaged.
15. The AC adapter is intended to be correctly oriented in a vertical or oor mounted position.
1. Avoid touching the connectors with your ngers. Do not blow on them or allow them to get wet or dirty. Doing so may
damage the Game Card and/or the system.
2. The Game Card is a high-precision electronic device. Do not store it in places that are very hot or cold. Do not hit, drop, or
otherwise abuse it. Do not attempt to take it apart.
3. Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or any other solvent.
4. Always check the Game Card edge connector for foreign material before inserting the Game Card into the system.