Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software Using Downloaded Software
Using Downloaded Software
Using Downloaded Software
Downloaded software, other than DSiWare (see page 54), is saved on SD Cards. The icons for downloadable software that has been
saved are displayed on the HOME Menu.
NOTE: Software downloaded from Nintendo eShop is licensed to you, not sold. For more information, see the Nintendo 3DS Service
User Agreement by going to Other Information in System Settings (see page 69).
Where can I nd downloadable software?
• You can download Nintendo 3DS software from Nintendo eShop.
NOTE: Wireless broadband Internet access is required for online features. See page 61 for more information on setting up
an Internet connection.
• Free software may be distributed via SpotPass.
• Downloadable demo software may be available from Nintendo Zone locations.
Downloading and saving software
• Because software can also be distributed via SpotPass, it is recommended that you always have an SD Card in the SD
Card slot.
• You can save up to 40 DSiWare titles in the System Memory and up to 300 other downloaded software titles on an SD
Card. (This number will depend on the data size of the software title and the capacity of the SD Card you are using.)
• Downloadable software can only be used on the system where it was downloaded and is not transferable. You cannot
use the software on another system by inserting the SD Card into another system.
• Some demo software may have restrictions on the number of times it can be started or the amount of time it can be
played. A message is displayed when you start software that has exceeded either of these restrictions. If you follow the
onscreen instructions, you can delete the software or return to Nintendo eShop.
Starting downloaded software
Tap the icon on the HOME Menu.
NOTE: Nintendo DSiWare titles have a lower screen resolution than
Nintendo 3DS software and are stretched to t the Nintendo 3DS XL
screen. For these titles, hold down START or SELECT while tapping the
menu icon to display them at their original screen size ratio.
(Hold down START or SELECT until the game begins.)
Operate the software as you normally would for Game Card software.
• For further instructions on how to operate the game, see the instruction manual for the game in question.
• To view a built-in manual, go to the HOME Menu and tap Manual.
• ESRB ratings information for the game is available from the built-in manual.
• Ending downloaded software works the same way as ending Game Card software.