Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software
Notication LED blinks
in the top bar of the HOME Menu to start Notications and display a
list of your notications.
Even when using Nintendo 3DS software, you can suspend it and view notications.
Press the HOME Button to display the HOME Menu and tap the Notications icon to start the
Notications software.
Types of notications
This software allows you to receive notications from Nintendo, from StreetPass, and from other
types of software.
To view notications
Tap the notication you want to view in your notication list.
• Unread notications will show
for StreetPass notications or
for SpotPass notications.
• Up to 12 StreetPass notications and up to 100 other notications can be saved on the system. If you receive more
notications than that, or if the storage limit is exceeded (such as when there are many notications saved with image
attachments), notications are deleted starting with the oldest notications rst. NOTE: Notications sent to you by
software may be sent directly without requiring an Internet connection.
To stop notication delivery
Tap Opt out of notications for this title inside the message and follow the
on-screen instructions.
NOTE: Notications that do not require an Internet connection, such as those from
software titles, cannot be stopped from the notication list. These are delivered
during game play and can be stopped from within the software.
The method for stopping these notications may vary depending on the
software title.
Stopping StreetPass notications
Tap Opt out of notications for this title and also deactivate StreetPass from StreetPass Management in the System
Settings (see page 74). If you deactivate StreetPass, these notications will no longer reach you.
To resume delivery of notications, reactivate StreetPass from within the software. For details, see the manual for the game
you are playing.
You cannot opt out of certain important information from Nintendo. (SpotPass notications from Nintendo
may contain important consumer information.)
Tap and slide the scroll bar up
or down to view your notica-
tion list.
SpotPass notications These contain data or information from Nintendo, Nintendo third parties, or from the
software you are using, and will vary depending on the game you are playing.
NOTE: The system cannot receive notications from Nintendo DS or Nintendo
DSi software.
StreetPass notications These contain information received via the StreetPass feature.
To receive notications
Follow these steps to allow your system to receive notications:
• Turn the system on. (The system will also receive notications in Sleep Mode.)
• Turn wireless communication on by pushing the Wireless switch toward the top of the system.
The Wireless LED will light.
• Congure the Internet connection settings. (Within a Nintendo Zone service area, the system can
receive notications even without its Internet settings congured. Also, the system can receive
StreetPass notications without connecting to the Internet.)
NOTE: Notications sent to you by software may be sent directly without requiring an Internet connection.
When you receive a notication...
When you receive a notication, the notication LED on your system will blink
for ve seconds. For StreetPass notications, it blinks green, and for SpotPass,
it blinks blue.
Additionally, or will be displayed on the Notications icon and any
related software icons in the HOME Menu.
NOTE: If a notication is received when the system is in Sleep Mode, the
notication LED will blink for about ve seconds and then stay lit. It will turn o
when you open the Nintendo 3DS XL system.