Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

Basic Operations
Basic Operations
Power LED will
light up
Press the POWER
Press the POWER Button to turn the system on. The Power LED will light
up and after a few seconds the HOME Menu will appear.
The rst time you turn the system on, you will need to select a
language and then congure the System Settings.
For more information on the Power LED and battery life, see page 21.
Sleep Mode and turning your system o
Putting the system into Sleep Mode
Closing the system while it is turned on will put the system into Sleep Mode. Sleep Mode will reduce power consumption while
still using features such as StreetPass and SpotPass (see page 4 and page 5 for more information on these features).
Depending on the software you are using, closing the system may not place it in Sleep
Mode. (For example, when listening to music with Nintendo 3DS Sound.)
Turning the system o
To turn the system o, either press the POWER Button to display the Power menu and tap
Power O, or press and hold the POWER Button until the power LED turns o.
Conguring System Settings for the rst time
First select a language. Then you will need to congure the basic system settings. Using the stylus on the lower screen, follow the
on-screen instructions. If a child will be using the Nintendo 3DS XL, an adult should assist with these settings.
Conrm that you are holding the system in the best way to view 3D images by
following the on-screen instructions. See page 22 for more information on viewing
3D images.
Set the date and time.
Tap the arrows to adjust the
settings, then tap OK to conrm and move to
the next option.
Power On/O and Basic Conguration
Power On/O and Basic Conguration
Power On/O and Basic Conguration
Use the keyboard to enter a nickname (or user name). You can enter up
to 10 characters.
Remember that other Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL users will see your
nickname when interacting with them, so do not use your real name or
otherwise share any personal information in your nickname.
Set your birthday.
Tap the arrows to adjust the month and day, then tap OK to conrm
and move to the next option.
Set the country and state or province where you live.
Read the Nintendo 3DS Service User Agreement, and after reading, tap I Accept.
To continue without agreeing, tap Later. If you tap Later, you cannot connect to the
Internet until you agree to the Nintendo 3DS Service User Agreement.
Congure the Internet Settings.
If you connect to the Internet, you can use SpotPass, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and
other features to enjoy more ways of playing and interacting. See page 61 for more
information on setting up an Internet connection. To congure these settings later, tap
Wait Till Later.
Congure the Parental Controls.
Parental Controls allow you to restrict the use or download of games and some features
by children (such as 3D image display). See page 70 for more information.
If you don’t need to congure these settings, tap Wait Till Later.
You have now completed the basic system conguration. Press the HOME Button to display the
HOME Menu (see page 26) and explore the many features of the Nintendo 3DS XL.