Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

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Experience 3D images without the need for special eyewear (page 22). The Nintendo 3DS XL system includes this built-in software:
The Swapnote™ application lets you exchange hand-written messages with your friends
using StreetPass and SpotPass.
Swapnote is stored on the SD Card when it is downloaded.
See the built-in instruction manual for more information on
using this application, available from the HOME Menu after
selecting the Swapnote application icon.
For more information on downloadable software, see page 36.
NOTE: 3D videos are also stored on the SD Card. You can play them back by tapping the corresponding icon from the
HOME Menu.
Take 3D photos and 3D videos with the outer cameras (page 48).
Play Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo DSi software (page 34).
Nintendo 3DS Game Cards Nintendo DS & Nintendo DSi Game Cards
Take 3D photos or record 3D videos with the
built-in cameras and software (see page 48).
Listen to music or record sounds (see page 51).
Create Mii™ characters as alter egos for you
and your family and friends (see page 52).
A place where Mii characters can gather via
StreetPass and other types of communication
(see page 53).
View information and videos about software, or
download software to play on your system (see
page 54).
Play augmented-reality games using the AR Cards
included with your system and the
Nintendo 3DS Camera application (see page 55).
Play a shooting game where your face and your
friends’ faces become game characters (see
page 56).
Check your play times for software you are using
or see the amount of steps you have walked while
carrying your system with you (see page 57).
Outer cameras
Only specially designed Nintendo 3DS software titles that support 3D image display will appear in 3D. Nintendo DS and
Nintendo DSi software do not support 3D display.