Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

System Conguration
System Conguration
Parental Controls
Parental Controls
Suspending, changing, or removing restrictions
Suspending restrictions
You can temporarily remove or change restrictions by selecting the feature and then
entering your PIN.
Changing or removing restrictions
Tap Parental Controls under System Settings.
Enter the PIN a second time to conrm your choice.
NOTE: You will need to enter this PIN each time you would like to
suspend or change Parental Controls settings.
Tap Change.
Input your PIN and then tap OK.
If you forget your PIN, you can answer the secret question to retrieve
the number.
Tap the feature you want to change.
You can also choose to change your PIN or clear the
Parental Controls settings.
If you forget your PIN or secret question answer
You can either tap Forgot PIN after selecting Parental Controls from
System Settings, or tap I Forgot on the PIN entry screen.
Enter the answer to your secret question, and then tap OK to return to the
Parental Controls options.
If you have also forgotten the answer to your secret question,
continue to the next step. You will need to know the date that
is set on your system (see the Prole option in Other Settings,
page 75).
Tap I Forgot on the keyboard entry screen.
A reference number will be displayed.
Call Nintendo Customer Service at 1-800-255-3700, and provide
this reference number and the date that is set on your system.
You will be given a master key to allow you to access Parental
Controls again.
Tap OK.
Enter the master key number and then tap OK.
You will return to Parental Controls.