Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

System Conguration
System Conguration
Internet Settings
Internet Settings
Internet connection requirements
To connect your Nintendo 3DS XL system to the Internet, you will need an Internet connection that supports wireless communication.
If you haven’t already set up a wireless network, you may also need a computer to congure a wireless access point such as a wireless
router (sold separately).
If you have no Internet connection...
Within a Nintendo Zone location, you can connect to the Internet without any special settings or equipment. See page 58 for
more information.
For more information on where to nd Nintendo Zone locations, visit
Congure your Internet settings
After conguring the devices necessary for connecting to the Internet, tap Internet Settings in the System Settings menu.
Tap Connection Settings.
Tap New Connection.
NOTE: If you have already created connection settings that were unable to con-
nect to the Internet, delete these rst before conguring a new one.
Tap Manual Setup.
NOTE: See the information at the bottom of this page for information on the
Tutorial option.
Tap the setup method that matches your environment:
• Quickest setup method: If you know your access point name, tap Search for
Access Point (see page 64).
• If you know that your access point supports the Wi-Fi Protected Setup method for
conguration, tap (see page 66).
• If you know that your access point is compatible with the proprietary AOSS standard
(found on most routers sold under the Bualo™ brand), tap (AOSS) (see page 67).
• Congure with Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector
NOTE: This product is no longer available. If you already own this product and would like more information about using it for
your wireless connection, visit
• Congure with Manual Setup. For more information refer to the electronic version of the instruction manual for System
Settings. You can access this by tapping Manual when you have System Settings highlighted on the HOME Menu.
Choose Tutorial for a guided setup
In step 3 above, tap Tutorial for help determining the best setup method. Follow the on-screen directions to select the best In-
ternet connection method. NOTE: If you need additional guidance during setup, tap the helper icon at the bottom of the screen.
Internet line
Home Internet
(May include a PC)
Cable modem,
DSL modem, or
other device
Wireless access point such as a wireless router (sold separately)
• The Nintendo 3DS XL is compatible with 802.11g and 802.11b. You should use a wireless router
that is compatible with these wireless standards.
• For information on nding a router, or on accessing and locating security settings on the router you
have, visit
• Setup is easy if your router supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup or AOSS. Check the documentation that
came with your router to see if it includes one of these features.