Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

System Conguration
System Conguration
System Conguration
For more detailed information,
tap Manual on the HOME Menu.
Internet Settings
System Settings
From System Settings, you can congure various settings for the Nintendo 3DS XL system, such as Internet Settings and Parental
Controls. You can access System Settings from the HOME Menu.
Internet Settings Congure Internet connection settings (page 63).
Parental Controls Restrict a user’s ability to download games and use certain features, such as the display of
3D images (page 70).
Data Management Manage downloaded software, StreetPass data, and blocked-user settings (page 74).
Other Settings Prole Set your user name and birthday (page 75).
Date & Time Set the date and time (page 75).
Touch Screen Calibrate the Touch Screen (page 75).
3D Screen Check Check the 3D Screen viewing guidelines (page 75).
Sound Change the sound settings (page 75).
Mic Test Conrm that the microphone works properly (page 75).
Outer Cameras Calibrate the outer cameras (page 76).
Circle Pad Calibrate the Circle Pad (page 75).
System Transfer Transfer data from your Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL system to
your Nintendo 3DS XL system, or between Nintendo 3DS or
Nintendo 3DS XL systems (page 78).
Language Set the system language that text messages appear in (page 75).
System Update Update the system and built-in software (page 83).
Format System Memory Erase all software, save data, and pictures saved on the system
(page 83).
From Internet Settings, you can congure your Nintendo 3DS XL system to connect to the Internet. Once you have connected to the
Internet and accepted the Nintendo 3DS Service User Agreement, you can use features such as Nintendo eShop, SpotPass, Internet
Browser, and wireless game play over the Internet.
Nintendo eShop
View information and videos about software, or download
software such as Nintendo 3DS Download Software and
Nintendo DSiWare.
Wireless Internet game play
You can wirelessly connect to the Internet to play specially
designed games against people from all over the world.
NOTE: The ability to play games over the Internet depends
on the software title. See the instruction manual for the
software you are using for more information.
You can receive information or system updates even
during game play or while the system is in Sleep Mode.
Internet Browser
You can easily view web pages on the Internet (see page 46).
Internet SettingsSystem Settings