Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

Basic Operations
Basic Operations
The Notication LED also
blinks red
Full charge
Steady blue
Steady red
Blinking red
Very low
Dim Bright
Battery endurance time
Screen brightness
Power On/O and Basic Conguration
Power On/O and Basic Conguration
Using the keyboard
A keyboard will display when you are required to enter characters. There are two types of keyboards: a standard alphanumeric
keyboard and a ten-key keyboard.
Power LED status
The power LED lights when the system is on. The color and status of the LED changes depending on the remaining battery charge.
NOTE: If you run out of remaining battery life while playing a game, you must replay the game from your last saved
location. If the power LED turns red, save your game and charge the system.
If you put the system into Sleep Mode while the power LED is a steady blue light, the LED will slowly brighten and darken.
Battery endurance
The battery endurance times are estimates. They will vary depending on factors such as the software being played, the amount of
data received by wireless communication, and the ambient temperature. Using the camera features may also reduce the battery
endurance times shown below.
Approximate play times:
Nintendo3DSsoftware•3.5–5.5 hours NintendoDSsoftware•6–10 hours
The screen brightness setting aects the battery endurance
time. The factory setting is 5 – for more information on
adjusting screen brightness, see page 30.
NOTE: Power-saving mode will increase the battery endur-
ance by automatically adjusting the screen brightness and
color based on what is being displayed at the time. For more
information on power-saving mode, see page 30.
• If you put the system in Sleep Mode when not using it, you can reduce power consumption while still being able to send and
receive information from StreetPass and SpotPass via the wireless communication features. If the system is fully charged and put
into Sleep Mode, the system's battery endurance time in Sleep Mode is roughly 3 days.
• The power LED slowly brightens and darkens while the system is in Sleep Mode. NOTE: Depending on the software you are using,
sometimes closing the system will not cause the system to enter Sleep Mode. In these cases the power LED will remain steadily
lit. (For example, when listening to music with Nintendo 3DS Sound.)
Delete last character
Switch input method
Alphanumeric keyboard
Ten-key keyboard
Delete last character
Predicted word eld
Tap the character you want to select.
Predicted word
feature ON/OFF
Switch the next character
between upper and lower case.
Switch between upper
and lower case
Uppercase only
Switch between upper and
lower case
Each tap changes which character
you would use from each key
Move to next character
Special characters or
Cell phone-style