Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

System Conguration
System Conguration
65’ (20m)
Low-contrast object Close-up object
10” (25cm)
Other Settings
Other Settings
Outer Cameras
If your system receives an impact or is left in a place where it is exposed to high temperatures, 3D images viewed or taken by
the outer cameras may become misaligned. If you feel like the 3D images are out of alignment, use the following procedure to
calibrate the cameras.
IMPORTANT: If you calibrate to the wrong values, the misalignment could get worse. Please calibrate the outer
cameras only when you think the 3D images they take are out of alignment.
Move the 3D depth slider to its highest position
and tap Next.
Tap Automatic Setup.
(Tap Return to Default Settings to return the settings to their
factory defaults.)
Tap Next and center the cameras on a subject suitable for
automatic calibration.
Center the cameras on a brightly lit outdoors subject that is 65 feet (20 meters) or farther away. Avoid having any nearby
objects in the view. Hold the system as steady as possible, and when all three circles ( ) light up on the upper screen,
the cameras will auto-calibrate.
If you center on subjects like those below, the cameras cannot calibrate, and the three circles ( ) will not all light
up. If this happens, try centering on a dierent object. Depending on the subject, the cameras may not be able to
calibrate. In those cases, calibrate manually, as described on the next page.
Manual calibration
You can manually calibrate the vertical alignment of the outer cameras. Please do this if you are not able to use auto-calibration.
Move the 3D depth slider to its highest position
and tap Next.
Tap Manual Setup.
Tap Next and center the cameras on a subject for manual calibration, then press
to take a photo.
• Set the system down on a at surface to avoid blur from shaky hands. Center the subject of the photo in the screen
and photograph it from directly in front.
• Manual calibration is easier if you photograph something with a simple, at shape and a clear outline, like that
shown below.
Adjust the image so that the photo subjects displayed
in the center of the upper screen line up exactly.
• Adjust the vertical alignment. You can also adjust the image to the left and
right, but these horizontal adjustments are not saved.
• If there are other objects in the photo besides the calibration subject, those
objects don’t need to be aligned.
• If you photographed the calibration subject from above or from a slant, you
may not be able to make it align exactly.
Tap Test 3D and follow the on-screen instructions.