Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

System Conguration
System Conguration
Other Settings
Data Management
Data Management
You can check, erase, or move downloaded software, manage activation of Street-
Pass software, or manage blocked-user settings. To do so, tap Data Management
in System Settings and then tap the item you want to manage.
NOTE: You can save over 300 items of extra data or add-on content on an SD Card, however only a maximum of 300 can be displayed
on the Data Management screen.
IMPORTANT: You cannot start DSiWare software from an SD Card. To play a DSiWare application, please copy it to System Memory
rst. If the same application already exists in the copy location, it will be overwritten. Take care not to overwrite
important save data.
You can tap
to switch between pages of options.
Enter your User Name (to protect your privacy, do not use your real name), Birthday, Region
Settings, and Nintendo DS Prole. Your Nintendo DS Prole sets your Message and Color, which
are used by some Nintendo DS/Nintendo DSi software. (Characters or symbols not supported
by Nintendo DS/Nintendo DSi software are displayed as “?”.)
Date & Time Enter a date and time.
Touch Screen Calibrate the Touch Screen (if it does not seem to be operating correctly).
3D Screen Check Check the 3D Screen viewing guidelines.
Sound Change the sound settings.
Mic Test
Conrm that the microphone is working properly. If the color of the microphone image
changes during the test, it is working correctly.
Outer Cameras Calibrate the outer cameras (page 76).
Circle Pad Calibrate the Circle Pad (if it does not seem to be operating correctly).
System Transfer
Transfer data from your Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL system to your Nintendo 3DS XL
system, or between Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL systems (page 78).
Language Select a language that the system will display text in.
System Update Connect to the Internet and check for updates to the system or built-in software (page 83).
Format System Memory Erase all added software, save data, pictures, and system settings (page 83).
Other Settings
Tap Other Settings in System Settings to change your user information, calibrate various
system components, or perform other system functions.
Nintendo 3DS Data
Reset Blocked-User Settings
DSiWare Data
StreetPass Management
Extra data
Add-on content
Check or erase Nintendo 3DS Download Software and Virtual
Console software. (You can save a maximum of 300 downloaded
software titles on an SD Card.)
Check or erase extra data for Nintendo 3DS software, including
data received via SpotPass.
Add-on content is stored here after being downloaded by
software that supports it. Check list of add-on content and choose
individual items to delete.
You can check DSiWare software saved on System Memory or an SD Card. You can also
erase DSiWare software or copy it between System Memory and an SD Card. (You can
save a maximum of 40 DSiWare software titles in System Memory.)
You can check the list of software that has the StreetPass feature activated. You can
also turn o StreetPass for each application.
Clear the blocked-user settings. (All data that you have restricted yourself from receiv-
ing will no longer be restricted.)