Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software
Nintendo Zone Download Play
Access special content and oers Preview Nintendo 3DS games
Download Play
Nintendo Zone Viewer
With only a single copy of a Download Play-compatible software title, you can play multiplayer
games with other players using Nintendo 3DS XL systems (or any of the Nintendo DS family of
systems), and send and receive demos of some software titles through local wireless game play.
(This feature is not supported through Internet online play.)
NOTE: Nintendo 3DS Download Play software is only compatible with Nintendo 3DS or
Nintendo 3DS XL systems.
Within a Nintendo Zone location, you can easily connect your Nintendo 3DS XL system to
the Internet and access a variety of services without having to make any special connection
settings. For more information on where to nd Nintendo Zone locations, visit
NOTE: To access a Nintendo Zone location, you must have wireless communication
enabled (see page 12).
How do you access a Nintendo Zone?
You can bring your system to any one of over 28,000 participating Nintendo Zone locations to access exclusive content. Internet
connection at Nintendo Zone locations is free and automatic.
If you are at a location where Nintendo Zone services are available,
the Nintendo Zone icon on the HOME Menu will start ashing.
Tap the icon to open the Nintendo Zone viewer.
What can you do at a Nintendo Zone location?
Connect to a Nintendo Zone and preview upcoming Nintendo 3DS software, view 3D screen shots or videos, download game demos,
and access special oers and promotions.
NOTE: Images are for example only. Specic content may vary over time or by location.
You can also access Nintendo eShop, play compatible Nintendo 3DS games online with others, browse the Internet, and even receive
surprise SpotPass content.
Start a Download Play-compatible title from the
HOME Menu.
Review the manual for the game title you are
playing. Steps may vary depending on the type
of software you are using.
Operations on sending system (Host)
Start Download Play
from the HOME Menu.
receive Nintendo
3DS software, or tap
to receive
Nintendo DS or
Nintendo DSi software.
A list of available titles
to download will appear
in the lower screen. Tap
the title you want to
Review the manual for
the game title you are playing. Steps may vary
depending on the type of software you are using.
Operations on receiving system (Client)
NOTE: Nintendo DS/Nintendo DSi titles are stretched to
t the Nintendo 3DS XL screen. To display the game at the
original screen size ratio, hold down START or SELECT while
tapping Start on the Host system and
the Client system. (Hold down START or SELECT until the
game starts up.)