Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software
Label faces toward the
bottom of the system.
Push the Game Card in, then remove it after it ejects from the
Game Card slot.
Using Game Cards
Using Game Cards
Exiting or suspending a game
Press HOME to suspend a game and display the HOME Menu. Save the
game, then tap Close on the HOME Menu to exit the game.
IMPORTANT: If you exit the game without saving, any unsaved data will
be lost.
• Tap Resume to resume your suspended game.
• When you exit a Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi title, rst save your game,
then press HOME and tap OK.
NOTE: If you press the POWER Button, the system will exit the game and
display the Power menu (see page 18).
Removing a Game Card
Only insert or remove Game Cards while the system
is turned o or while the HOME Menu is displayed.
(If software is suspended, exit it rst before remov-
ing the Game Card.)
System updates included on Game Cards
Some Game Cards may include system update data and will require a system update
be performed to play the game. If this occurs, an update guide will be displayed when
you start the software.
Follow the on-screen instructions to update your system. See page 83 for more informa-
tion on system updates.
Using Game Cards
Nintendo 3DS
Game Card
Nintendo DS
Game Card
Nintendo DSi
Game Card
• Nintendo 3DS Game Cards are only compatible with Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL systems.
• Only Nintendo 3DS software that is designed to support the 3D feature can display images in 3D. Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi
software do not support 3D image display.
• You cannot access the HOME Menu while playing Nintendo DS/Nintendo DSi software. Likewise, you cannot use SpotPass or
StreetPass features.
NOTE: For video game software rating information, see page 93.
Starting a game
Insert a Game Card into the Game Card slot.
If the card seems dicult to insert, remove it and conrm
that it is facing in the right direction. The label should face
toward the bottom of the system.
IMPORTANT: To avoid damage to your system or Game Card, always
make sure it is oriented correctly before inserting it into the Game
Card slot, as shown in the illustration.
Turn the power on and when the HOME Menu appears, tap the icon for
the Game Card you have inserted, then tap Open.
NOTE: Nintendo DS/Nintendo DSi titles have a lower screen resolution than
Nintendo 3DS software and are stretched to t the Nintendo 3DS XL screen. For
these titles, hold down START or SELECT while tapping the menu icon to display
them at their original screen size ratio. (Hold down START or SELECT until the
game begins.)
For further instructions on how to operate a game, see the manual for the game
you are playing.
The Nintendo 3DS XL system can use Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DSi™, and Nintendo DS™ Game Cards.