Nintendo 3DS XL Handheld Game System User Manual

System Conguration
System Conguration
Parental Controls
Parental Controls
Parental Controls can limit the download and use of certain content on the Nintendo 3DS XL system. Parental Controls can also limit
the use of certain features of the Nintendo 3DS XL system such as the display of 3D images.
NOTE: When Parental Controls are enabled, some System Settings, such as Internet Settings, Outer Cameras, System Transfer, and
Format System Memory cannot be accessed. You will need to enter the PIN to access these features.
Content or features that can be limited
Conguring Parental Controls
NOTE: A single Nintendo 3DS XL system can only have one Parental Controls conguration. It is recommended that if you want to
restrict the use of content for multiple users, congure the system with settings to match the restrictions for the youngest user and
share the PIN only with those allowed to view restricted content. Please visit for more details.
From System Settings, tap Parental Controls to begin the setup procedure and then follow the on-screen instructions.
Information and directions for the Parental Controls feature will be displayed on the screens. Carefully read and follow
the instructions.
Enter a four-digit PIN.
Enter the PIN a second time to conrm your choice.
NOTE: You will need to enter this PIN each time you would like to
suspend or change Parental Controls settings.
Select a secret question and then tap OK.
If you forget your PIN, you can answer the secret question to retrieve
the number.
Enter an answer and then tap OK.
Use the keyboard to enter an answer and follow the on-screen instructions.
(See page 20 for information on using the keyboard.)
Tap Set Restrictions.
You can also choose to change your PIN or clear the Parental Controls settings.
Select a category to set restrictions.
Follow the on-screen instructions. You can slide the stylus on the right side of
the screen to see more options.
When you are nished with your selections, tap Done.
Software Rating
Internet Browser
Nintendo 3DS Shop-
ping Services
Display of 3D Images
Sharing Images / Audio
/ Video / Long Text
Online Interaction
Friend Registration
DS Download Play
Viewing Distributed
Child Online Privacy
You can restrict the use of Nintendo 3DS software, including Nintendo 3DS software downloaded
through the Download Play application and Nintendo DSi software based on ratings set by the
Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). See page 93 for more information on
software rating information.
You cannot restrict the use of Nintendo DS software or software downloaded with DS Download Play.
You can restrict the use of the Internet browser.
You can restrict the use of credit cards, prepaid cards, and online purchasing of content and
services through Nintendo eShop.
You can restrict the display of 3D images. This will make all images display in 2D. The restriction of
the display of 3D images is recommended for users 6 years or younger.
You can restrict the wireless transmission of photos, images, audio, video, long text messages, and
other data that may include personal information.
NOTE: This restriction does not work with Nintendo DS software.
You can restrict the exchange of data between users who are not your friends and the ability to
participate in software that can be played via the Internet.
NOTE: This restriction does not work with Nintendo DS software.
You can restrict communications with other users via StreetPass.
NOTE: This restriction does not work with Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi software.
You can restrict the registration of friends.
You can restrict the use of DS Download Play.
You can restrict the viewing of distributed videos and movie trailers to those suitable for all ages.
This setting applies only to videos and trailers found on Nintendo Video. Use of some software to
play distributed video may also be restricted.
In order to protect the privacy of children on the Internet, this system restricts features that send
data which might include personal information, such as e-mail or annotated photos. These features
are restricted by default when the system is purchased. To allow use of these features by children, you
must follow the on-screen instructions for the “Parent/Guardian Conrmation” process.
NOTE: Even if you restrict access to these features in the System Settings, you can still choose to
enable these features in specic software.
Parental Controls
IMPORTANT: If a child will be the primary user, a parent or guardian should congure
the settings.