DJI CP.PT.000084R Video Games User Manual

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The Phantom 2 Vision+ is the next evolution of the Phantom 2 Vision. It features the same App enabled First Person View
(FPV), high performance camera, remote camera control and in-ight content sharing, but adds to it a high performance
3- axial camera stabilization system. It is ideal for aerial creativity whether photo or video. In addition, it provides ground
station function which allows users to plan the ight mission and enables aircraft to ight automatically.
FPV: First Person View, see the world from the perspective of the craft and feel a true ying experience.
1 In the Box
Check that all of the following items have been included in your package before use. If anything is missing, please
contact your local dealer.
NO. Name Picture Qty. Remarks
1 Aircraft
1 Integrated gimbal and camera
2 Propeller Pairs
4 4 with black nut, 4 with grey
3 Micro-SD Card
1 Inserted in aircraft Micro-SD slot
4 Lens Cap 1 Fixed to camera lens
5 Gimbal Clamp
1 Attached to the gimbal
6 Prop Wrench
1 In maintenance packet
7 Remote Control 1
Includes attached Phone Holder and
Range Extender
8 AA Batteries
4 For Remote Control
DJI Smart Flight
1 Inside aircraft
10 Charger
1 110-240V Adaptive
11 Power Cables
2 GB & CE
12 Plug Adaptors
2 SAA & BS
13 Micro-USB Cable
For range extender charging and
rmware upgrade
In the Box