DJI CP.PT.000084R Video Games User Manual

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1 Rear LED Flight Indicator Status
Rear LED Flight Indicators Normal status
(Red, Green, Yellow ashes in turn) Power On Self-Test
(Green, Yellow ashes in turn) Warming Up
(Slow Green ashes) Ready to Fly
(Slow Yellow ashes) Ready to Fly (non-GPS)
Rear LED Flight Indicators Abnormal status
(Quick Yellow ashes) Remote Control Signal Lost
(Slow Red ashes) Low Battery Level Warning
(Quick Red ashes) Critical Low Battery Level Warning
(Three Red ashes off and on) Not Stationary or Sensor Bias is too big
—— (Solid red) Error*
(Red, Yellow ashes in turn) Compass Needs Calibration
*You can learn more about error by connecting the Phantom 2 Vision+ to the Assistant.
2 Specications
Supported Battery DJI 5200mAh Li-Po Battery
Weight (Battery & Propellers included)
Recommend payload
Maximum payload
Hovering Accuracy (Ready to Fly) Vertical: 0.8m; Horizontal: 2.5m
Max Yaw Angular Velocity 200°/s
Max Tiltable Angle 35°
Max Ascent / Descent Speed Ascent: 6m/s; Descent: 2m/s
Max Flight Speed 15m/s (Not Recommended)
Motor Diagonal Length 350mm
3-axial stabilized Gimbal
Working Current Static : 750mA; Dynamic : 900mA
Control Accuracy ±0.03°
Controllable Range Pitch :
90° - 0°
Maximum Angular Speed Pitch : 90°/s
Operating Environment Temperature 0℃ - 40℃
Sensor Size 1/2.3”
Effective Pixels 14 Megapixels
Resolution 4384×3288
HD Recording 1080p30 /1080i60
Recording FOV 110° / 85°