DJI CP.PT.000084R Video Games User Manual

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Figure 56 Figure 57
6 Flight Limits
All unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators should abide by all regulations from such organizations as the ICAO
(International Civil Aviation Organization) and their own national airspace regulations. For safety reasons, the ight limits
function is enabled by default to help users use this product safely and legally. The ight limits function includes height,
distance limits and No Fly Zones.
In Ready to Fly mode, height, distance limits and No Fly Zones work together to manage ight. In Ready to Fly (non-GPS)
status, only height limits work and ights cannot go higher than 120m.
Default parameters in Assistant are compliant within the denitions of class G ruled by ICAO. (Refer to Airspace
Denition to get more details). As each country has its own rules, make sure to congure these parameters to
comply with these rules before ying.
6.1 Max Height & Radius Limits
Max Height & Radius limits ying height and distance. Conguration can be done in the Phantom 2 Vision+ Assistant
(Figure 56). Once complete, your Phantom will y in a restricted cylinder (Figure 57).
Max Height
Max Radius
Home Point
Ready to Fly Green ashing
Limits DJI VISION App Rear LED ight indicator
Max Height
Flight height must be under
the set height.
Warning: Height limit
Max Radius
Flight distance must be within
the max radius.
Warning: Distance limit
Rapid red ashin
when close to
the max radius limit.
Ready to Fly(non-GPS) Yellow ashing
Flight Limits DJI VISION App Rear LED ight indicator
Max Height Flight height restricted to 120m and under. Warning: Height limit reached. None.
Max Radius No limits
If you y out of the limit, you can still control the Phantom, but cannot y it further.
If the Phantom flies out of the max radius in Ready to Fly (non-GPS) mode, it will fly back within range
6.2 Flight Restriction of Restricted Areas
Restricted areas include airports worldwide. All restricted areas are listed on the DJI ofcial website at http://www.dji.
com/y-safe/category-mc. Restricted areas are divided into category A and category B. Category A areas cover major
international airport such as LAX and Heathrow, while category B areas includes smaller airports.
Flight Limits
Height of aircraft
when powered on