DJI CP.PT.000084R Video Games User Manual

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Remote Control
Operating Frequency 5.728 GHz - 5.85 GHz
Communication Distance (open area) CE Compliance: 400m; FCC Compliance: 800m
Receiver Sensitivity (1%PER) -93dBm
Transmitting Power (EIRP) CE Compliance: 25mW; FCC Compliance: 100mW
Working Current/Voltage 80 mA@6V
Battery 4 AA Batteries
Range Extender
Operating Frequency 2412MHz - 2462MHz
Communication Distance (open area) 500m - 700m
Transmitting Power 20dBm
Power Consumption 2W
3 Troubleshooting (FAQ)
3.1 How to solve large margin(s) mid-point error?
If the Remote Control stick(s) mid-point margin of error is too big, the motors will fail to start when you execute the CSC
and the Phantom will not take off. The below are some possible xes for this.
(1) One of the Remote Control’s stick positions (except the throttle stick) is not centered when powering on the Phantom
2 Vision+.
Solution: Place all Remote Control sticks at their mid-point positions and then power cycle the Phantom 2 Vision+ to
re-record the mid-point.
(2) The Remote Control sticks have been trimmed, leading to a deviation in the mid-point position.
Solution: Use Assistant to perform a Remote Control calibration.
a) Connect to Assistant, tap Basic -> RC -> Command Sticks Calibration and push all Remote Control sticks through
their complete travel range to see if any stick cannot reach its outermost position.
b) Power cycle the Phantom 2 Vision+. Power cycling is required.
c) Re-attempt Remote Control calibration in Assistant.
If the above solutions do not solve your issue, please send your Remote Control to DJI Customer service for repair.
3.2 How to restore a video le if power is turned off during a recording session?
Solution: Keep or place the Micro-SD card back into the camera. Power cycle the camera and wait about 30 seconds for
the video le to be restored.
3.3 Failure to acquire the SSID.
Solution: Double check whether both the camera and Range Extender are powered on and the power switch of the
camera is switched to “Wi-Fi ON.”
3.4 What to do if Phantom 2 Vision+ is out of sight and the Wi-Fi connections is lost?
Solution: Turn off the Remote Control to trigger the Failsafe mode and the aircraft will start to y back, descend, and land
at the Home point. Please make sure there are no obstacles between the Phantom and the home point and that you are
familiar with the procedure for regaining control.
3.5 Wi-Fi connection fails all the time.
Solution: Double check the current Wi-Fi connection status of the mobile device. The mobile device may be connecting
to other Wi-Fi networks after a connection breaks with the Phantom 2 Vision+.
3.6 Files fail to synchronize.
Solution: Video les that are too large (le sizes close to 4GB) cannot be synchronized to the mobile device. Some
mobile devices do not support the synchronization of the 1080i60 video les.