DJI CP.PT.000084R Video Games User Manual

Assembly and Use
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Linking Procedures
(1) Power off the Remote Control, power on the aircraft.
You will see the link indicator blinking red.
(2) Press the link button with a thin object and hold
until the link indicator blinks yellow. Release the link
(3) Power on the Remote Control. Link indicator will
switch off, showing that a link has been successfully
Figure 27
Link Indicator
Link Indicator Description Next Operation
Red ashing No signal received. Switch on the Remote Control or perform a link procedure.
Yellow ashing Ready to link. Switch on the Remote Control.
5.7 Compliance Version Conguration
As power levels vary between regulators, the Phantom Remote Control’s power output can be adjusted by twisting the
CE/FCC Control Knob (Figure 27) on the back of the Remote Control using a athead screwdriver. For CE compliance,
set the Remote Control to CE with a full counterclockwise turn. For FCC compliance, set the Remote Control to FCC with
a full clockwise turn. Be sure to follow relevant local regulations.
Compliance can be congured using the PHANTOM RC Assistant. Select CE compliance version in Assistant to set it, or
do the same with FCC compliance version.
5.6 Linking the Remote Control and Receiver
A 5.8G receiver is built in to the Phantom 2 Vision+. Its link button and indicator are located on the underside of the
phantom, as shown in Figure 26.
The Remote Control and the receiver are paired before delivery. Only use this button if you have replaced your Remote
Control or receiver.
Turn the CE/FCC Control Knob gently to avoid
CE compliant devices have an effective remote
control range of 400 meters in open spaces due
to power limitations.
FCC compliant devices have an effective range of
800 meters in open spaces.
Watch your flight distance as the Phantom 2
Vision+ will enter Failsafe mode (auto-landing or
go home and land) if it ies beyond the relevant
range limits.
Always follow local laws and regulations.
It is recommended to use a Φ2.4mm flathead
screwdriver for adjustments.
There is another potentiometer for reserved use.
Preparing the Remote Control
Figure 26
Link Button & Link