DJI CP.PT.000084R Video Games User Manual

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3.8 Failure to share.
Solution: Make sure your mobile device has access to the Internet.
3.9 Some Android devices have a problem connecting to the Phantom 2 Vision+ Wi-Fi Extender.
Solution: Some Android devices do not allow for both a Wi-Fi connection and a mobile data connection at the same time.
When trying to connect to the Phantom 2 Vision+ Wi-Fi network, most devices will check whether an Internet connection
has a certain Wi-Fi setting enabled, e.g. Auto network switch or Test for Internet connection. If no Internet connection
is found because the Phantom 2 Vision+ creates a non-routable connection it will drop the Phantom 2 Vision+ Wi-
Fi network connection and scan for the next available connection. Example: For the Samsung Note 3, carry out the
following procedures to solve this issue. Tap Settings -> Wi-Fi, and then tap the “Menu” button. Select “Advanced”
then uncheck the “Auto network switch”. You might see a warning that indicates the Internet connection is unstable this
message can be ignored.
3.10 App tips for mobile devices.
Solution: If using the App on multiple mobile devices turn off the App on the rst mobile device then turn it on the second
one to ensure normal functions on the second mobile device.
3.11 How to land the aircraft more smoothly?
Solution: First pull the throttle stick position down to lower than 5%, then execute the CSC command to stop the motors.
3.12 Why is the discharge time of a battery not zero when unused?
Solution: A battery aging test is performed prior to delivery which affects the discharge time of the new battery. This is
why the discharge time of a new battery is not zero. The battery is okay to use.
3.13 Do I need extra hardware to utilize ground station?
Solution: No extra hardware is required.
3.14 Does ground station support caching map data ofine?
Solution: Yes, user can cache map data in ground station for future use.
3.15 What if I accidently exit DJI Vision App in ground station mode?
If DJI Vision App is closed when aircraft is executing ight mission, aircraft continues with the remaining ight mission.
If DJI Vision App is closed and failed to re-connect with aircraft within 1 minute, aircraft returns home point automatically.
3.7 iOS Albums fail to synchronize.
Solution: Reset the settings of your mobile device as illustrated below. Enable the Settings -> Private -> Photos -> DJI
VISION. Otherwise Albums will fail to synchronize with your mobile device.
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