DJI CP.PT.000084R Video Games User Manual

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When the Rear LED Flight Indicator blinks yellow rapidly during ight, the aircraft has entered Failsafe mode.
Refer to Failsafe Function(Page 27) for details.
A low battery level warning is indicated by the Rear LED Flight Indicator blinking red slowly or rapidly during
ight. Refer to theLow Battery Level Warning Function(Page 28) for details.
View tutorials about ight for more ight
3.2 Video Suggestions and Tips
(1) Work through the check list before each ight.
(2) Set the gimbal working mode to Stabilized.
(3) Aim to shoot when ying in Ready to Fly only.
(4) Always y in good weather, such as sunny or windless days.
(5) Change camera settings to suit you. These include FOV, photo format and exposure compensation.
(6) Take ight tests to establish ight routes and scenes.
(7) Push the sticks gently to make aircraft movements stable and smooth.
4 Failsafe Function
The Phantom will enter Failsafe mode when its connection to the Remote Control is lost. The Flight Control System will
automatically control the aircraft to return to home and land to prevent injury or damage.
Home Point: When the Phantom enters ‘Ready to Fly’ from the ‘Ready to Fly status (non-GPS)’, the GPS
coordinates will be recorded and set as the home point.
When Remote Control signal is lost, the aircraft will return to the recorded home point coordinates and land.
Home point coordinates are used to calculate the horizontal distance of the aircraft (shown as “Distance” on the
GUI of the DJI VISION App).
After successfully record the home point, rear LED ight indicators blink fast green.
4.1 When will Failsafe Activate?
(1) The Remote Control is powered off.
(2) The Phantom has own out of effective remote control range.
(3) The signal between the Remote Control and the Phantom has been blocked.
(4) There is interference causing a signal problem with the Remote Control.
4.2 Failsafe Procedure
Initiating the Failsafe mode from different ying statuses will results in different landing processes.
Ready to Fly(non-GPS) ----Automatic landing
The Flight Control System will keep the aircraft level during descent and landing. It may be drift during the descent and
landing process.
Ready to Fly ----Automatic go home and land
The Flight Control System will automatically control the aircraft to y back to the home point and land.
To ensure the aircraft successful return to home after Failsafe activation, aim to only y in Ready to Fly mode.
The Phantom will automatically descend during the Failsafe process if there are less than 6 GPS satellites
detected for more than 20 seconds.
The aircraft cannot avoid obstacles during Failsafe.
Quickly ipping the S2 switch of the Remote Control from top to bottom 5 times or more will reset the current
aircraft position as a new home point. Rear LED ight indicators will blink green rapidly when successful.
Failsafe Function
4 Signal lost lasts 3s, begin to go home
LED Flight Indicator Yellow ashing
2 Flying
LED Flight Indicator Green ashing
5 Fly back to home point
LED Flight Indicator Yellow ashing
3 Remote Control signal lost
LED Flight Indicator Yellow ashing
6 Landing after hovering 15s
LED Flight Indicator Yellow ashing
Figure 52
Height over home point>20m
Elevate to 20m
Height over home point<=20m
1 Record Home Point
LED Flight Indicator
Yellow ashing
Green ashing