DJI CP.PT.000084R Video Games User Manual

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If compass calibration is needed before ight, a prompt will appear on the DJI VISON App’s camera page. It will
disappear after successful calibration.
1.2 When to Recalibrate
(1) When compass data is abnormal, the rear LED ight indicator will blink red and yellow.
(2) Flying in different location to last ight.
(3) Mechanical structure of the Phantom has changed, i.e. changed mounting position of the compass.
(4) Severe drifting occurs in ight, i.e. Phantom does not y in straight lines.
2 Starting/Stopping the Motors
2.1 Starting Motors
A Combination Stick Command (CSC) is used to start the motors instead of simply pushing the stick up. Push both sticks
to their bottom corners to start the motors. Once the motors have spun up, release both sticks simultaneously.
2.2 Stopping Motors
There are two methods to stop the motors.
Method 1: When the Phantom has landed, push the throttle down, then conduct CSC. Motors will stop immediately.
Release both sticks once motors stop.
Method 2: When the aircraft has landed, push the throttle down and hold. Motors will stop after 3 seconds.
Figure 49
Figure 50 Figure 51
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Do not execute CSC during normal ight. This will stop the motors and cause the aircraft to drop without control.
Conduct the CSC as neatly as you can. Release the sticks once motors start/stop.
3 Flight Test
3.1Take off/Landing Procedures
(1) Place the Phantom 2 Vision+ on open at ground with battery indicators facing towards you.
(2) Power on the Remote Control and Range Extender, then the Smart Flight Battery.
(3) Launch the DJI VISION App and start bind it with your smartphone then enter the camera preview page.
(4) Wait until the Rear LED Flight Indicator blinks green. This means it has initialized and is Ready to Fly. If it ashes
yellow, it is in Ready to Fly (non-GPS) mode and will require more careful ight. Execute the CSC command to start
(5) Push the throttle up slowly to take off. Refer to Remote Control Operation (Page 18) for more details.
(6) Shoot photos and videos using the DJI VISION App. Refer to DJI VISION App Usage (Page 31) for more details.
(7) To land, hover over a level surface and gently pull down on the throttle gently to descend.
(8) After landing, execute the CSC command or hold the throttle at its lowest position for 3 seconds or more until the
motors stop.
(9) Turn off the smart battery, Range Extender and Remote Control.
Starting/Stopping the Motors / Flight Test