DJI CP.PT.000084R Video Games User Manual

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A circle on the map, as shown in Figure 103, indicates a restricted, No Waypoint area. Waypoints cannot be
placed in this area. For more information, refer to “6.2 Flight Restriction of Restricted Areas (P30)”.
To achieve the optimal video transmission quality, the aircraft is set to operate within a 500m-radius area from Home point.
Tap on a waypoint to open a waypoint properties window. Slide the white dot right to adjust waypoint altitude. The
default altitude is set to 98 feet (30 m) and can be adjusted from 0 to 650 feet (200 m). Tap “OK” to save waypoint
settings. To delete current waypoint, tap
Figure 104
Step 3 Preview a Mission:
Tap “Done” to preview the mission when all waypoints are set. A prompt similar to the one below will appear.
This prompt lists all waypoints and their altitudes. The aircraft will y to each waypoint listed. If there is a difference in altitude
between waypoints, the aircraft will adjust its altitude as it ies between points. When ready, tap “GO” to begin mission.
Figure 105
Figure 106
Aircraft reacts differently to the “GO” command:
If aircraft is on the ground, the aircraft takes off automatically and ascend 16 feet (5m) then y to the rst waypoint.
If aircraft is in the air, the aircraft ies to the rst waypoint.
Step 4 Executing Flight Mission
The aircraft ies to each waypoint in numerical order. As it ies, swipe back into the DJI Vision app camera GUI to
control camera tilt and capture photos or video. Tap
to pause the mission during the ight, and aircraft will then start
hovering. Tap
to resume mission. If you wish to regain control of the aircraft, toggle the S1 switch on remote control
(Position-1) to either (Position-2) or (Position-3) to discontinue the current mission.
Step 5 Landing
When all waypoints have been visited, the aircraft will return to its Home point and hover. Regain control of the aircraft
and land it manually. You may also tap
button to initiate “Go Home” procedure. Aircraft will abort current mission,
return to Home point and auto land.
Using Ground Station