DJI CP.PT.000084R Video Games User Manual

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Phantom 2 Vision
User Manual
June, 2014
Please read this manual carefully before using the product.
Using this manual
Warning Important Hints and Tips References or Denitions
Except when specically stated, all descriptions in this manual are for Phantom mode, not Naza-M mode.
Before Flight
The following tutorials and manuals have been produced to ensure you to make full use of your Phantom 2 Vision+.
(1) Disclaimer
(2) Phantom 2 Vision+ Quick Start Guide
(3) Phantom 2 Vision+ User Manual
(4) Phantom Pilot Training Guide
Watching all the tutorial videos and reading the Disclaimer before ight is recommended. Afterwards, prepare your rst
ight using the Phantom 2 Vision+ Quick Start Guide. Improve your ying skills in subsequent ights using the Phantom
Pilot Training Guide. Refer to this manual for more comprehensive information. Experienced users, particularly those with
DJI Phantom 2 Vision experience should skip to the Phantom 2 Vision+ Quick Start Guide to begin preparing for ight.
Watch the tutorial videos
Please watch the tutorial videos below to learn how to use Phantom 2 Vision+
correctly and safely.
Phantom 2 Vision+ ofcial tutorial videos
Download DJI VISION App
Download and install the DJI VISION App. Choose one of the download methods below.
Search "DJI VISION" on the App Store then follow instructions for iOS version.
Search "DJI VISION" on Google Play then follow instructions for Android version.
Important Safety Notice
Use your Phantom carefully. It contains sensitive electronic components and may be damaged when dropped, crashed
or exposed to water. Never y a damaged Phantom.
Do not open or attempt to repair Phantom by yourself as doing so may cause damage to the Phantom or cause injury. If
the Phantom is not operating normally or has come into contact with liquid, contact a DJI authorized dealer or DJI customer
service. Learn more at
Never disassemble, pinch, crush, burn, drop or tread on the DJI smart ight battery. Never short or allow the metal contacts
on the battery terminal to touch. Do not expose batteries to extreme temperatures. Always use the DJI approved charger to
charge the battery. Keep the DJI battery away from children and store it in a cool, dry place.
Please read the Disclaimer before using your Phantom 2 Vision+.
iOS6.1 or above
Android 4.0 or above