DJI CP.PT.000084R Video Games User Manual

Assembly and Use
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(1) Power on the camera and Range Extender.
(2) Approximately 30 seconds later, press the Binding Reset Button on the Range Extender with a pin until the SYSTEM
Indicator turns off. The Range Extender will then restart automatically.
(3) Approximately 30 seconds later, the SYSTEM Indicator will start to blink green, indicating that the Range Extender is
ready for binding.
(4) Enable Wi-Fi on your mobile device then select “Phantom_XXXXXX” the (SSIDof your Range Extender) from theWi-Fi
network list.
(5) (Figure 36) Run the DJI VISION App then tap -> Settings -> General -> Binding. (Figure 37) Select 'Scan QR Code'
to scan the camera QR code on the bottom of aircraft. (Figure 38) Get the camera SSID (E.g. FC200_xxxxxx) and
the MAC address. You can also skip the scan and enter the camera MAC address directly (Figure 39). The MAC
address can be found on the camera label.
(6) Tap the tick
in the top right corner. The Range Extender should automatically restart. Binding is now complete.
Figure 38 Figure 39
DO NOT push the Binding Reset Button of the Range Extender unless you are ready to rebind the Range
Extender and the camera. This will unbind your camera so you must follow the steps above for rebinding.
If both the Phantom 2 Vision+ and the Range Extender are powered on and working normally, you will be able
to nd the SSID on the Wi-Fi list of your mobile device.
The QR code is located on the bottom cover of the Phantom 2 Vision+. If you cannot nd the QR code, please
contact DJI customer service and provide your camera serial number (printed on the label of the camera) so
they can generate a new QR code for you.
Photographing and saving the QR code is recommended to prevent loss.
7 Downloading and Installing the DJI VISION App
7.1 Download and Install
Download DJI VISION App
Download and install the DJI VISION App. Choose one of the download methods below.
Search "DJI VISION" on the App Store then follow instructions for iOS version.
Search "DJI VISION" on Google Play then follow instructions for Android version.
iOS6.1 or above Android 4.0 or above
Downloading and Installing the DJI VISION App
Figure 36
Figure 37 Scan the camera QR code on
the bottom of aircraft