Dell 2700W Video Games User Manual

Providing outstanding performance and reliability, the UPS's unique benefits include:
S Online UPS design with pure sine wave output. The UPS filters and regulates incoming AC power
and provides consistent power to your equipment without draining the battery.
S True online double-conversion technology with high power density, utility frequency
independence, and generator compatibility.
S Selectable High Efficiency mode of operation.
S 4U size that fits any standard 48 cm (19”) rack.
S Start‐on‐battery capability for powering up the UPS even if utility power is not available.
S Maintenance is simplified by allowing the safe replacement of batteries without powering down the
S Extended runtime with an optional External Battery Module (EBM) for 2700W UPS models.
S Emergency shutdown control through the Remote Emergency Power-off (REPO) ports.
S Two standard communication ports (USB and DB-9 serial port).
S Optional Dell Network Management Card with enhanced communication capabilities for
increased power protection and control.
S Advanced power management with the Dell UPS Management Software for graceful shutdowns
and power monitoring.
S Sequential shutdown and load management through separate receptacle groups called load
S Firmware that is easily upgradable without a service call.
S Backed by worldwide agency approvals.