Dell 2700W Video Games User Manual

Additional UPS Features
Additional UPS Features
This chapter describes:
S Communication ports (RS-232 and USB)
S Dell Network Management Card
S Dell UPS Management Software
RS-232 and USB Communication Ports
To establish communication between the UPS and a computer, connect your computer to one of the
UPS communication ports using an appropriate communication cable (RS-232 cable not supplied). See
“Identifying the UPS Rear Panels” on page 15 for the communication port locations.
When the communication cable is installed, power management software can exchange data with the
UPS. The software polls the UPS for detailed information on the status of the power environment. If a
power emergency occurs, the software initiates the saving of all data and an orderly shutdown of the
The cable pins for the RS-232 communication port are identified in Figure 21, and the pin functions are
described in Table 9.
Figure 21. RS-232 Communication Port (DB-9 Connector)