Dell 2700W Video Games User Manual

UPS Maintenance
6 Close the metal battery cover.
Adjust the battery connector so that the door closes properly. Push the door slightly to the right
and then to left.
7 Tighten the thumbscrew.
Torque the screw to 0.7 Nm (6.2 lb in).
8 Replace the UPS front cover (see Figure 26).
Figure 26. Replacing the UPS Front Cover
Storing the UPS and Batteries
If you store the UPS for a long period, recharge the battery every 6 months by plugging the UPS into a
power outlet. The batteries charge to 90% capacity in approximately 4 hours. However, it is
recommended that the batteries charge for 48 hours after long-term storage.
Check the battery recharge date on the shipping carton label. If the date has passed and the batteries
were never recharged, do not use the UPS. Contact your service representative.
When to Replace Batteries
When the status summary screen displays the UPS fault icon with the “Service Battery” alarm and the
audible alarm sounds continuously, the batteries may need replacing. Contact your service
representative to order new batteries.
With the user-replaceable battery feature, UPS batteries can be replaced easily without turning the UPS
off or disconnecting the load.