Dell 2700W Video Games User Manual

Running Automatic Battery Tests
The automatic discharge test, enabled by default, runs during the transition from Float to Rest mode.
After the test completes, the charge cycle restarts to completely charge the batteries and then continues
to Rest mode normally. The automatic test runs approximately once every three months and does not
run again until after three more Float to Rest mode transitions. If a manual battery test is requested, the
automatic battery test timer is reset so it will not run for the next three months.
For an automatic battery test to run:
S The Automatic Battery Tests setting must be enabled for the automatic battery tests to run. (See
the following section, “Configuring Automatic Battery Tests.”)
S The batteries must be fully charged.
S The UPS must be in Normal mode or High Efficiency mode with no active alarms.
S The load must be higher than 10%.
Configuring Automatic Battery Tests
To configure the automatic battery tests:
1 Press the button for one second to go to the main menu selection and scroll down to the
Settings menu using the
2 Press the button to enter the Settings menu.
3 Use the button to scroll to the Automatic Battery Tests option and press the button.
The option begins to flash.
4 Select whether to enable or disable the automatic battery test using the and buttons.
5 Press the button to confirm.
Configuring Automatic Restart
The UPS automatically restarts if the utility power returns after the output was shut off due to depleted
batteries, a shutdown input signal, or automatic shutdown command.
You can set the load segment for the amount of time to delay the restart when utility power returns,
using the Automatic Start Delay setting. You can also configure UPS restart to depend on the battery
charge level, using the Battery Charge % to Restart setting.