Dell 2700W Video Games User Manual

This chapter explains:
S Equipment inspection
S Unpacking the cabinet
S UPS rear panels
S UPS setup and installation, including the External Battery Module (EBM)
S Remote Emergency Power-off (REPO) installation
S Initial startup
Inspecting the Equipment
If any equipment has been damaged during shipment, keep the shipping cartons and packing materials
for the carrier or place of purchase and file a claim for shipping damage. If you discover damage after
acceptance, file a claim for concealed damage.
To file a claim for shipping damage or concealed damage: 1) File with the carrier within 15 days of
receipt of the equipment; 2) Send a copy of the damage claim within 15 days to your service
Check the battery recharge date on the shipping carton label. If the date has passed and the batteries
were never recharged, do not use the UPS. Contact your service representative.