Dell 2700W Video Games User Manual

Configuring Battery Settings
Configure the UPS settings for an installed EBM, including whether to run automatic battery tests and
automatic restart configuration.
Configuring the UPS for an EBM
If the UPS is not configured for the EBM, the UPS reports less battery time remaining on the UPS front
panel and to any remote software. You may receive a shutdown warning prematurely. To ensure
maximum battery runtime when using power management software, configure the UPS for the EBM:
1 Press the button for one second to go to the main menu selection and scroll down to the
Settings menu using the
2 Press the button to enter the Settings menu.
3 Use the button to scroll to the External Battery Module option and press the button.
The battery number value begins to flash.
4 Set the battery number value using the and buttons.
UPS only (internal batteries) 0 (default)
UPS + 1 EBM 1
NOTE: Runtime is automatically adjusted based on present load levels and whether an EBM is configured.
5 Press the button to confirm.