Dell 2700W Video Games User Manual

UPS Maintenance
Testing Batteries
For a battery test to run:
S The batteries must be fully charged.
S The UPS must be in Normal mode or High Efficiency mode with no active alarms.
S The load must be higher than 10%.
To test batteries:
1 Plug the UPS into a power outlet for at least 48 hours to charge the batteries.
2 Press the button for one second to go to the main menu selection and scroll down to the
Control menu using the
3 Press the button to enter the Control menu.
4 Use the button to scroll to the Battery Test option.
5 Press the button to start the battery test.
During the battery test, the UPS transfers to Battery mode and discharges the batteries for 25% of
the original expected runtime. The front panel displays “Battery test running” and the percentage
of the test completed. The results display on the UPS front panel when complete.
Updating the UPS Firmware
To keep the UPS firmware updated with the latest improvements and benefits, visit for
updates. You can download the latest firmware version and the instructions for installing it.