Dell 2700W Video Games User Manual

This chapter contains information on how to use the UPS, including:
S UPS startup and shutdown
S Control panel and display functions
S Retrieving the Event Log
S Transferring the UPS between modes
S Setting power strategy
S Behavior on overload
S Configuring load segments, battery settings, and automatic restart
UPS Startup and Shutdown
NOTE: The button controls only the UPS output. The button has no effect on equipment connected to
the UPS.
To start up or shut down the UPS, see:
S “Starting the UPS” on page 31
S “Starting the UPS on Battery” on page 32
S “UPS Shutdown” on page 32
Starting the UPS
To start the UPS:
1 Verify that the UPS power cord is plugged in.
2 Switch on utility power where the UPS is connected.
The UPS front panel display illuminates. The Dell startup screen changes to the UPS status
summary screen. The UPS front panel display shows the Standby mode icon
3 Press the button on the UPS front panel.
After the startup is complete, the status icon changes to the appropriate icon based on the UPS
operating mode (see Table 4 on page 36).