Dell 2700W Video Games User Manual

Event Log Menu
From the Event Log menu, you can access the last 50 events, which includes events, notices, and
alarms, arranged from newest to oldest.
Events are silent conditions that are recorded in the Event Log as status information, such as “Clock Set
Done.” Events do not require a response.
Notices and alarms are records of when events occurred and, if applicable, when they were cleared.
S Notices, including active notices, are recorded in the Event Log. Active notices, such as “UPS on
Battery,” are announced by an intermittent beep. Notices do not normally require a response.
S Alarms, including active alarms, are recorded in the Event Log. Active alarms are announced by an
intermittent beep. Examples are “Output Overload” and “Heatsink Overtemperature.” Active
alarms require a response.
The Main Status Menu displays by default. To access troubleshooting information using the Event Log
1 Press the button for one second to go to the main menu selection and scroll down to the
Event Log menu using the
2 Click the button to enter the Event Log list.
3 Scroll through the listed events, notices, and alarms using the or button.
Typical Alarms and Conditions
Table 16 describes typical alarms and conditions.
Table 16. Typical Alarms and Conditions
Alarm or Condition
Possible Cause Action
The UPS does not provide or
indicate the expected backup
The batteries need charging or
Apply utility power for 48 hours to charge the
batteries. If the condition persists, contact
your service representative.
Power is not available at the
UPS output receptacles.
The UPS is in Standby mode. Supply power to the connected equipment by
pressing the On/Off button until the front
panel displays the UPS status summary screen.
The UPS does not start.
(The LCD is off.)
Power is not connected. Check the power connections. Also ensure
that the battery is plugged in.
The UPS operates normally,
but some or all of the
protected equipment is not
The equipment is not
connected correctly to the UPS.
Verify that the equipment is plugged into the
UPS receptacles. Also verify that the load
segment is on.