Dell 2700W Video Games User Manual

Table 4. Status Summary Screens (continued)
Status Summary Screen Description
Battery Test Status
The status when the UPS is performing a battery test.
Normal Mode
The UPS is operating in Normal mode from utility power. The UPS monitors and
charges the batteries as needed and provides filtered power protection to your
High Efficiency Mode
The UPS is operating in High Efficiency mode.
Converter Mode
The UPS is operating in Converter mode.
Standby Mode
When the UPS is turned off and remains plugged into a power outlet, the UPS is
in Standby mode and utility power supplies the connected equipment. The UPS
is not supporting the load, but is ready to assume the load on command.
The notice and alarm screens are visible only when notices or alarms are active. There is a separate
screen for each active notice or alarm. If there are no active notices or alarms, a “No Active Alarms”
message appears in a single screen between the UPS status summary and the battery status screen. If
there are multiple notices or alarms, scroll through each notice or alarm screen to reach the first battery
status screen.
Events are not shown in status summary screens. They appear only in the Event Log.