Dell 2700W Video Games User Manual

Table 7. Settings (continued)
Description Default SettingAvailable Settings
Set Date and Time Set Month, Day, Year, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds
Date: mm/dd/yyyy
Time: hh:mm:ss
NOTE: The date format is dependent on the
language selection.
NOTE: Time is a 24-hour clock.
Control Commands from Serial
[Enabled] [Disabled]
If Enabled, control commands are accepted through
the serial port, USB ports, or option card.
If Disabled, configuration and load control
commands are restricted to LCD only.
Output Voltage [200V] [208V] [220V] [230V] [240V]
Output Frequency [50Hz] [60Hz] [Auto-sensing] Auto-sensing
Overload Alarm Level [10%] [20%] [30%]...[100%]
If 100%, the UPS issues an Output Overload alarm
at load > 100%.
NOTE: Output Overload Level 1 by default is set to
100% and is configurable from 10% to 100% in 10%
increments through the LCD setting menu. This
allows customers to be alerted before the UPS has
reached its rated capacity limits.
Power Strategy [Normal] [High Efficiency] [Converter]
See “Setting Power Strategy” on page 47.
High Efficiency
Automatic Start Delay [Off] [0s] [1s] [2s]...[32767s]
See “Configuring Load Segments” on page 49.
Automatic on Battery Shutdown [Off] [0s] [1s] [2s]...[32767s]
See “Configuring Load Segments” on page 49.
Start on Battery [Enabled] [Disabled]
NOTE: Battery start is disabled from the factory and
remains disabled until the UPS has been powered
from utility and enters Standby mode. After the
UPS has been started once from utility, the Start on
Battery feature is automatically enabled. After this is
set by the user, it remains set.