Dell 2700W Video Games User Manual

UPS Maintenance
UPS Maintenance
This chapter explains how to:
S Care for the UPS and batteries
S Transport the UPS
S Store the UPS and batteries
S Test the batteries
S Update the UPS firmware
UPS and Battery Care
For the best preventive maintenance, keep the area around the UPS clean and dust‐free. If the
atmosphere is very dusty, clean the outside of the system with a vacuum cleaner. For full battery life,
keep the UPS at an ambient temperature of 25°C (77°F).
The batteries in the UPS are rated for a 3–5 year service life. The length of service life varies, depending
on the frequency of usage and ambient temperature. Batteries used beyond expected service life will often
have severely reduced runtimes. Replace batteries at least every 5 years to keep units running at peak
Transporting the UPS
NOTE: The internal UPS batteries MUST be disconnected before transportation.
CAUTION: The following procedure should be performed or supervised by personnel knowledgeable about
batteries and the required precautions. Keep unauthorized personnel away from batteries.
If the UPS requires any type of transportation, the batteries must be disconnected (but not removed)
before the unit is transported:
1 Verify that the UPS is off and unplugged.
2 Place the UPS on a flat, stable surface with the front of the cabinet facing you.