Dell 2700W Video Games User Manual

Control Screens
Table 6 describes the available control screens.
Table 6. Control Screens
Control Screens
Go to Bypass Transfers the UPS system to internal Bypass mode.
When the Go to Bypass command is issued, the screen immediately shows the
message for five seconds: Manual Bypass Command. The option then changes to
Go to Normal.
When the Go to Normal command is issued, the screen immediately shows the
message Normal Mode Command Sent for five seconds. The option then changes
to Go to Bypass.
Battery Test Schedule Battery Test: yes | Cancel Battery test: no
Starts a manual battery test.
See “Testing Batteries” on page 62.
Reset Error State Reset Alarms: yes | no
Manually clears any latched alarms, such as bad battery detected or DC Bus
If a bad battery alarm was also active, reset the battery test status to “Not
Load Segments Load segment 1: on | off
Load segment 2: on | off
These on/off commands override automatic load segment on/off controls made by
the Automatic Start Delay and Automatic On Battery Shutdown settings. See
“Configuring Load Segments” on page 49.
Restore Factory Settings Restore Factory Settings: yes | no
Available only in Standby mode.
Restoring the factory settings:
S Returns all user-configurable EEPROM settings to default factory settings
S Resets all pending on/off commands
S Clears the Event Log and resets all time stamps
S Resets the battery test status
S Initiates the Self Diagnostics test