Dell 2700W Video Games User Manual

Table 7. Settings (continued)
Description Default SettingAvailable Settings
Reset Peak Headroom Watts [No] [Yes]
If No, no action.
If Yes, the Peak Headroom Watts value is cleared
and the date and time stamp for this statistic is set
to the current date and time.
Clear Event Log
The number after “Total events” shows how
many events are currently stored in the log.
Press the button for one second to reset
the event count to zero and clear the log.
LCD Contrast [-5], [-4], [-3], [-2], [-1], [+0], [+1], [+2], [+3],
[+4], [+5]
The LCD Contrast is adjustable and the valid range
is from -5 to +5. This range covers the maximum
adjustment for contrasting the background with the
text in the visual display of the control panel.
Transferring the UPS Between Modes
Transferring between modes includes:
S Transferring from Normal to Bypass mode
S Transferring from Bypass to Normal mode
Transferring from Normal to Bypass Mode
To transfer from Normal to Bypass mode:
1 Press the button for one second to go to the main menu selection and scroll down to the
Control menu using the
2 Press the button to enter the Control menu.
3 Select Go to Bypass.
The text on the screen changes to Manual Bypass Command Sent. The Bypass mode icon
flashes, indicating Bypass mode.