Nintendo SPR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

If you need further help...
If your Nintendo 3DS XL still does not operate correctly after trying these troubleshooting steps, we recommend to call Nintendo Customer
Support for assistance and additional troubleshooting and repair options (pages 109 – 111).
Please note that if you return the console to the retailer and the retailer oers to exchange your console, you may eventually lose save
data and all Nintendo eShop downloads and account balance.
At the end of this product’s life, please do not dispose of this product in your general household waste. Instead, please dispose of this product
separately in accordance with your local recycling laws and regulations. For more information on the separate collection systems for waste electrical
and electronic equipment that are available for consumers, free of charge, near your home, please contact your local municipal authority.
As an alternative and if you plan to buy an equivalent new product, you may be able to bring this product to your local retailer who, in exchange
for your buying an equivalent new product, may take back this product and arrange for its recycling. However, we would suggest that you rst
double-check with your local retailer whether they will oer you this service.
Either way, this product will then be treated in an environmentally sound manner at a licensed recycling plant and its components will be re-
covered, recycled or reused in the most ecient way possible, in compliance with the requirements of the Directive on Waste Electrical and
Electronic Equipment (2002/96/EC) of 27 January 2003.
Under applicable environmental laws, you should always use the available separate collection systems for waste electrical and
electronic equipment. In some countries, failure to use these systems may even result in sanctions being taken against you.
1. Waste electrical and electronic equipment may contain hazardous substances, which, if not treated properly, can be harmful to the environment
and human health. Specic treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment is therefore indispensable.
2. All Nintendo electrical and electronic equipment that is subject to the above Directive is designed in a way which takes full account of, and
facilitates, its possible repair, upgrading, reuse, dismantling and recycling.
3. Nintendo and its ocial distributors support recycling schemes in each European country and are committed to using the best available treatment,
recovery and recycling techniques in order to ensure both human health and high environmental protection.
4. The crossed-out wheeled bin symbol (see below) is axed to all relevant Nintendo electrical and electronic equipment that has been put
onto the market by Nintendo or its ocial distributors on or after 13 August 2005. The symbol means that these products must be collected
separately from other waste at the end of their life, in order to ensure maximum recovery and environmentally sound disposal.
Disposal of this product at the end of its life
Problem Solution
The system doesn’t recognise my
AR Cards / I lost my AR Cards
If your AR Card cannot be recognised...
Check the following and try again.
AR Cards cannot be recognised if you hold the system too close to them or too far away.
Ensure that the whole AR Card is visible on the screen. If part of it is o the screen, it may
not be recognised.
Ensure you are in a well-lit area.
Keep AR Cards out of direct sunlight, as this can interfere with the outer cameras’ ability to
recognise them properly.
If an outer camera is dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth before you begin.
If the AR Cards are bent or folded, they cannot be recognised by the system. Ensure that any
AR Cards in use are at on the surface.
If your AR Card still cannot be recognised, or you have lost an AR Card...
You can download AR Card images from Print out these images in
colour and use them as replacements.
I can’t use Download Play
Have Parental Controls restricted the use of software based on software ratings, or
restricted the use of DS Download Play?
If you are having issues with Nintendo 3DS software titles, disable the Parental Controls option
which restricts the use of software by software rating (page 80).
If you are having issues with Nintendo DS / Nintendo DSi software titles, disable the
Parental Controls option which restricts DS Download Play (page 80).