Nintendo SPR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

Problem Solution Problem Solution
My SD Card is not responding
Has the SD Card been correctly inserted into the system?
Insert the SD Card gently but rmly until it clicks into place in the SD Card slot on the side of
the system (page 34).
Is the SD Card broken?
Use a computer or digital camera to conrm that you can correctly see les on the SD Card.
I can’t view the photos stored on
the SD Card
Are there photos on the SD Card that can be displayed using Nintendo 3DS Camera?
Nintendo 3DS Camera can only display photos taken on the Nintendo 3DS XL system. Photos
taken on a digital camera or mobile phone cannot be displayed.
Even though a Game Card has
been inserted, the icon for the soft-
ware title does not appear and
the HOME Menu displays:
“There is nothing inserted into
the Game Card slot.”
Is the Game Card inserted properly?
Remove the Game Card and properly reinsert it until it clicks into place. If this doesn’t work, try
reinserting it a few more times (page 45).
Are you using a software title from a dierent region?
Only Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi software titles matching the region of the system will
work. Software titles from dierent regions may not function.
I can’t play my game
Are Parental Controls set to restrict the use of software based software ratings?
Enter the PIN and disable Parental Controls temporarily, or disable the Parental Controls option
that restricts the use of software based on software ratings (page 80).
This message appears while playing
Nintendo DS / Nintendo DSi
software: “An error has occurred.
Press and hold the POWER Button to
turn the system o. Please refer to
the Operations Manual for details.”
Turn o the power, then turn it back on and try again, carrying out the same procedure as
before. If the error message still appears, there may be a fault with your system. Please contact
the Nintendo Customer Support for assistance (pages 109 – 111).
My system suddenly enters
Sleep Mode
It may have entered Sleep Mode as the result of
an external magnetic eld. Move your system
away from magnetic objects, including other
Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS XL systems.
Note: Stacking this system on top of other
Nintendo DS systems may also result in the system
entering Sleep Mode.
I am having diculty using wireless
communications (communications
are interrupted and the game cannot
be played smoothly)
Is one of the following signal strength icons or shown on screen?
Signal strength appears to be poor. Move closer to the other player(s), and remove obstructions
between the systems.
I can’t use the microphone /
My voice isn’t recognised
Does this software title or section of it use the microphone?
The microphone is only usable in software titles or sections of software titles that support it.
Is the microphone working properly?
Select MIC TEST in System Settings to conrm that the microphone is functioning properly
(page 69).
Are voices other than your own, such as those of family and friends, recognised
There are individual dierences in speech recognition rates. Some voices are more dicult to
recognise than others.
Is a headset with microphone attached?
Try removing the headset with microphone and using the system microphone instead.
The microphone reacts
unexpectedly / There is feedback*
coming from the speakers
Is the system being used in a noisy environment, or in a place where the volume
is very high?
The microphone may be reacting to audio output from the speaker or ambient noise. Try to
move away from the source of the noise, reduce the speaker volume, use headphones or try
to prevent any background noises.
* What is “feedback”?
Feedback is the term used to refer to the high-pitched screeching sound caused by a loop being
created when sounds picked up by the microphone are played back through the speakers and are
then picked up again by the microphone.
Is a headset with microphone attached?
Headsets with microphones can sometimes cause feedback. Try removing the headset with
My steps aren’t being counted
Is the Nintendo 3DS XL system open?
Your steps will only be counted if the power to the system is on and it is closed.
Is the system in a loosely-hanging bag, or is it hanging from a wrist strap?
There may be cases where the system cannot correctly count your steps. If it is put in a loosely-
hanging bag while walking, step data may not be counted accurately. If you want to put the
system in a bag while carrying it around, use a tight-tting bag such as a belt pouch.
Depending on the conditions, the step count might be higher or lower than the number of actual
steps taken.
Do not put the system into your back pocket. Subjecting the system and LCD screens to excessive
force, for example sitting on them, can damage them and lead to injury or malfunction.
Are you continuing to use the system while a Nintendo DS / Nintendo DSi software
title is in use?
If Nintendo DS / Nintendo DSi software titles aren’t closed for a period of, or exceeding, seven
consecutive days, only steps for the initial seven days will be recorded. After saving your game,
turn the software o.