Nintendo SPR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software
Receiving Notications
Viewing Notications
You can receive notications from SpotPass, StreetPass and other sources.
Touch on the HOME Menu to show a list of notications.
To view notications while a Nintendo 3DS software title is running, press the HOME Button to bring
up the HOME Menu, then launch the Notications application.
Notication Types
Your Nintendo 3DS XL system can receive notications when...
The power is on (page 28).
Wireless communication has been enabled using the wireless switch (page 22).
An internet connection has been congured (page 70). StreetPass notications do not require an
internet connection.
Software titles may send some notications while you are not connected to the internet.
StreetPass notications do not require an internet connection.
Notications cannot be sent from Nintendo DS / Nintendo DSi software titles.
Receiving Notications
The notication LED ashes when the Nintendo 3DS XL system receives a notication. It will
ash green for StreetPass notications and blue for SpotPass notications. In both cases, it
will ash for ve seconds. Additionally, when a notication is received,
or will
be displayed on the notication icon and icons for the respective software titles on the
HOME Menu.
Note: When receiving notications while the system is in Sleep Mode, the notication LED will
ash for ve seconds, then remain lit. When you open the system, it will go out.
Slide the slider up or down to scroll through
the notications.
Touch a notication to view it.
Unread notications will be indicated by for StreetPass or for SpotPass notications.
A maximum of 12 StreetPass and 100 SpotPass notications can be stored on the system. If these limitations or the storage size is
exceeded (eg. if there are a lot of notications containing images), older notications will be erased, starting with the oldest.
Stopping notications
Stopping notications from software titles
Touch OPT OUT OF NOTIFICATIONS FOR THIS SOFTWARE inside a notication then follow
the on-screen prompts.
Note: Notications that do not require an internet connection, such as those from software titles,
cannot be stopped from the Notications list. These are delivered during play and the method of
stopping these notications diers between software titles.
Stopping notications from StreetPass
Touch DEACTIVATE StreetPass FOR THIS TITLE, then adjust the settings in StreetPass Management in the System Settings to deactivate
StreetPass. Once StreetPass has been deactivated, you will no longer receive these notications for this title (page 82).
To restart notications, adjust the settings within the software. Refer to the instruction manual for more detailed information.
Notications from Nintendo contain important information for all users and cannot be opted out of.
Notications from Nintendo and software titles.
Notications received via StreetPass (see page 9 for more information on StreetPass).