Nintendo SPR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

Problem Solution Problem Solution
Nintendo 3DS Sound does not
display audio les and folders
Has the SD Card been correctly inserted into the system?
Insert the SD Card gently but rmly until it clicks into place in the SD Card slot on the side
of the system.
Does the SD Card contain saved audio les that can be played using
Nintendo 3DS Sound?
Nintendo 3DS Sound can play AAC les with a le extension of .m4a, .mp4 and .3gp, or MP3
les with a le extension of .mp3. Other audio les, such as copy-protected ones, cannot be
played back.
Are the audio les saved to the “Private” folder found in the “Nintendo 3DS” folder
on the SD Card?
Audio les saved to the “Private” folder found in the “Nintendo 3DS” folder will not be displayed
in Nintendo 3DS Sound. Files should be saved to a dierent folder.
Are there more than 3,000 audio les saved?
No more than 3,000 audio les can be displayed.
Are there more than 1,000 folders with saved audio les?
No more than 1,000 folders can be displayed.
Are there more than 100 audio les saved in a single folder?
No more than 100 les can be displayed for a single folder. If there are folders with the same
name on the SD Card, the audio les in those folders will be consolidated and displayed as a
single folder. No more than 100 les can be displayed for this single consolidated folder.
Are audio les saved to a folder that is more than eight levels deep?
Nintendo 3DS Sound will only check for les up to eight directories deep.
I can’t play back audio les using
Nintendo 3DS Sound
Are the audio les in a format that can be played by Nintendo 3DS Sound?
Nintendo 3DS Sound can play audio les which meet the following requirements:
File format:
AAC (.m4a, .mp4 or .3gp), MP3 (.mp3)
Bit rate:
16 – 320 kbps
Sampling rate:
32 kHz – 48 kHz
Are the audio les protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management)?
DRM-protected audio les cannot be played using Nintendo 3DS Sound.
I can’t disable Parental Controls
Did you enter the correct PIN?
Enter the correct PIN (if you have forgotten your PIN, see page 81).
Did you enter the correct answer to your secret question?
Enter the correct answer to your secret question (if you have also forgotten the answer to your
secret question, see page 81).
Photos taken by the camera have
strange colours
Have you changed the colour settings in Nintendo 3DS Camera?
Check the camera mode and / or Manual Settings in Nintendo 3DS Camera (page 58).
Photo results can dier depending on your surroundings, particularly if taking pictures
in dimly-lit areas where the screen is lled with similarly-coloured objects.
Try to take a picture of something else. If the colours are still strange, contact the Nintendo
Customer Support (pages 109 – 111).
Nintendo 3DS Camera repeatedly
asks for a photo of my face, but does
not respond
This occurs when your face cannot be recognised properly. Please take note of the following
factors which may aect facial recognition.
Move to a well-lit area
Move hair to fully reveal your face
Face the camera straight on
Remove your glasses
Facial recognition hints
To improve the chances of your face being recognised, follow the advice below.
Other factors, such as hairstyle, the colour, shape and volume of facial hair, and jewellery, also
aect successful facial recognition.
Note: Even taking the aforementioned factors into account, individual features and certain environments
can make accurate recognition dicult.
3D images from the outer cameras
aren’t in 3D or are dicult to see
Are you using the inner camera?
The inner camera cannot produce 3D images.
Are the outer cameras dirty?
If the outer cameras are dirty, wipe them with a soft cloth.
Are the outer cameras in direct sunlight or in the direct path of other strong light
This can cause the 3D images to become distorted and dicult to see.
The outer cameras might not be calibrated properly.
Subjecting the Nintendo 3DS XL system to excessive physical shock, or exposing it to high
temperatures can cause the outer cameras to display unclear 3D images. If you notice such
a problem, recalibrate the outer cameras in System Settings (page 84).