Nintendo SPR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software
Using the Browser
Enter text to search for.
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Internet Browser
Internet Browser
View web pages on the internet using intuitive stylus controls.
Touch on the HOME Menu to start the internet browser. When using the browser for the rst
time, follow the on-screen setup instructions.
An internet connection is required in order to view web pages (page 70).
The browser can be launched while playing Nintendo 3DS software by pressing the HOME Button and
selecting it from the HOME Menu.
Depending on the software, it may not be possible to launch the browser during play.
When you start the browser, the menu shown below will be displayed. Touch an option to select it.
(shown with search engine set to Google)
Instruction Manual
The browser contains an instruction manual with
detailed information on how to use it.
View the list of pages you have bookmarked and open
pages from the list.
Add Bookmark
Bookmark the current page.
Internet Browser
Slide to move Touch links
Slide the stylus on the lower screen to move around the page. Touch links on the lower screen to open them.
Content requiring plug-ins, such as video or music les, cannot be played or displayed.
Large pages may not be fully downloaded or displayed. If this happens, try reloading the page by touching RELOAD.
This may load the rest of the page.
Protecting Children from Harmful Sites
You can use the Parental Controls settings of your Nintendo 3DS XL system (page 78) to restrict use of the browser in order to prevent children
from accessing harmful or inappropriate sites.
Display the menu (Page 56).
Displayed as while loading the page; touch to stop loading the page.
Displayed as
once the page has loaded; touch to reload the page.
Display the previous / next page in the browser history.
Decrease / increase the zoom level.
Change browser settings.
Page Info
View the title, address and security information of the current page.
Enter URL
Enter a web address (URL) directly.